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Composite dielectric pulse capacitors (series K75)

Composite dielectric pulse capacitors (series 75)Growing demand for capacitors K75-17 and K75-40 caused such reaction as increase of the volume of their output.

Composite dielectric pulse capacitors K75-17 (voltage U=1000V; capacitance C=50 µF)
and K75-40 (voltage U=750 to 5000V; capacitance
C=2 to 100 µF) have small internal resistance, that allows to charge them from low-powered current source and discharge in a moment. They are used as an accumulators of energy and can be joined to a battery. They are also operated at frequencies until 50 Hz. These factors have an impact their wide application in laser technologies and electric equipment.

Foreign analogue: type 282P, Sprague.

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