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About company

Joint stock company MESON FACTORY
Historical reference

Production activity has been implemented since 1951. In 1969 MESON was included in scientific & manufacture corporation "Positron".

Our company continues producing different types of electric capacitors.

In 1970th our factory maked black & white and colour televisions "Electronica".

MESON took part in some important projects for making of space equipment and space vehicles like "Soyuz-Apollo", "Fobos" and others.

Our factory is the joint stock company which is in private property. All the shares are divided between individual shareholders and non-state enterprisers.

MESON factory is located in the centre of Saint-Petersburg on the riverside of Neva and occupies space of 50,000 m² (plant spaces - 47,053.3 m²) .

All territory of the factory is guarded. There is a whole system of communications (providing with electric power, water and so on).

There are no debts to suppliers of power resources.

The experience of 45 years work at the russian market allowed to organize production of Ni-MH current sources in 1996 without an attractoin of investments.

Nowadays the general activity of the factory is a serial production of tantalum solid-electrolytic capacitors (series K53).

But MESON is ready to negotiate about cooperation with partners in order to expand production of capacitors or organize new productions.

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